Maryland is among four states that gave Joe Biden at least one million more votes than it gave Trump. The final numbers — still listed as unofficial by the Maryland State Board of Elections — were:

Biden: 1,985,023

Trump: 976,414

And, of course, Maryland’s Republican governor, Larry Hogan, who apparently couldn’t bring himself to vote for Biden, says he dropped one for the very dead Ronald Reagan. The Maryland margin of victory for Biden was 1,008,609.

As a point of comparison: In 2016, when Hillary Clinton carried the state over Trump, the totals were 1,677,938 to 943,169. Clinton’s margin of victory was 734,759. This year, voter turnout was greater, Biden increased the Democratic candidate’s margin significantly, and Trump gained only modest ground.

Three other states gave the Biden-Harris ticket a million-vote margin over Trump-Pence:

Massachusetts, where the distance between the winner and the loser was 1,215,000; California, the country’s most populous state, gave Biden more than 5 million votes over Trump; and New York, where Biden’s margin was 1,179,981.

Considering their relative size by population, Maryland and Massachusetts performed above their weight, and affirmed the blueness of their electorate. Interestingly, both states currently have Republican governors.

One thought on “Four states gave Biden at least a million more votes over Trump. Maryland is one.

  1. Another way to look at this is winning percentage. Biden got 66.4% of the vote in Vermont. Biden got 65.9% in Massachusetts and 65.8% in Maryland. Maryland had the 3rd highest percentage of any state. (It was 93% in Washington, DC, but that isn’t a state).


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