For at least two decades and probably a lot longer, Baltimore City, owner of the Loch Raven Reservoir in Baltimore County, had a policy of closing off a section of roadway through the reservoir so that men, women and children on foot and on bikes and babies in strollers could take a hike in that pleasant setting. And this was every Saturday and Sunday, for seven hours each day, all year. The pandemic came; the city stopped allowing the walkers and bikers to partake of Loch Raven Drive. But now those who enjoyed this activity — and that’s hundreds of people — are trying to get the city to return to the pre-COVID practice of closing off the road.

In this photo, from the Sun files, you can see that people enjoyed hoofing along Loch Raven Drive even in winter.

My Sun column today is about this matter — not the most pressing matter in the world, but certainly a thing that needs about three minutes of Mayor Brandon Scott’s attention to fix. Here’s an easy way to return to normal, Mr. Mayor. Order the gates closed as they were before the plague.

Petition to close the gates again.

One thought on “Mayor Scott, tell them to close the gates at Loch Raven again

  1. Thank YOU, Dan Rodrick. My Sunday morning meet-up had been meeting at that Loch Raven gate at 10 am (when the ranger closed the gates) for years before it was shut down for the pandemic. Despite repeated calls to the city’s various agencies, we got NO response to our pleas, nor an explanation for the ongoing closing of the gates.

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