For those who do not always read my Sun column, here, from the archives, are suggestions I have made (and good programs or ideas I’ve highlighted) in the past:

Promote the city as a tech hub, attract more capital, retain the young geniuses

Reverse Baltimore’s population slide: Find investors for ‘an incredibly high-potential city’

Reverse Baltimore’s population slide: Kick the west side into gear

Reverse Baltimore’s population slide: Green more city neighborhoods

Reverse Baltimore’s population slide: Convert more vacants to homes, more renters to homeowners

Consistent intervention in the lives of offenders will spare Baltimore more violence

Roca workers race against the clock to change violent Baltimore boys

Reconsider Baltimore’s economic power

10 things Catherine Pugh can do to be a successful mayor

Baltimore had its own version of Ceasefire before, it could again

Turning cargo containers into homes? Why not?

Dear Drug Dealers: Put down the guns and give me a call

Where giving second chances is a company ethic

Time for leaders to do the right thing for Baltimore’s poorest

Turning Baltimore’s abandoned houses and vacant lots into affordable homes

Reverse Baltimore’s population slide: Bring on the immigrants

Reverse Baltimore’s population slide: Retain more college graduates

Baltimore needs to expand Safe Streets

Memo to Mayor: The recession has changed Baltimore’s housing paradigm

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