If you want to be comforted in this terrible time in American life, I recommend watching 85-year-old Gina Petitti cook Italian comfort food on her Buon-A-Petitti YouTube channel. These 15- to 35-minute videos are well-produced, but without a lot of slick editing. They are shot almost in real-time, in Grandma Gina’s home in New Jersey, so you get the impression of hanging around the kitchen and watching Grandma cook your favorite dishes — baked ziti, lasagna, baked fish in the Livornese style, fettucine Alfredo, pizza. It’s comfort food without the calories, though you’ll probably get a craving for something Italian (from curbside at a local restaurant) while you watch. Bonus: Grandma Gina sings Italian songs, too. She’s great.

15 thoughts on “Need comforting? Watch Grandma Gina cook Italian comfort food

  1. I found grandma Gina’s site by accident while looking for a recipe. I’m so glad I did. I’m half italian and italian cooking is in my blood. I never got to know my Italian grandmother. Grandma Gina is my grandma by proxy. I could watch her cooking shows all day.
    Dio ti Benedica
    Jim Gunnuscio

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  2. In these turbulent times throughout the world, Grandma Gina is a source of peaceful comfort. I love her and watching her videos is inspirational. I learned to cook via my mother-in-law who made dishes handed down from her Italian m-i-l, and compare and learn from Gina. Buon Appetito!

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  3. She is the absolute best. I leave her videos on throughout the day to keep my 84-yr old mom occupied. As a benefit, I get to watch her as well. My mom enjoys any “dough-related” videos, the Italian singing and intermittent Catholic prayers. Italians and Jordanians are very similar plus, being 1st generation Americans, and New Yorkers, we grew up around our Italian neighbors. We taught them Middle Eastern cooking and they taught us Italian cooking. Both cultures love home-made recipes and cooking, generally. Her kids and grand kids are awesome for helping her make these videos. My favorite is when she eats. “Is-sa good! I gotta eat.” My only excuse for not cooking exactly like her is I don’t have her pasta and canning gadgets. Regardless, I am excited to try her recipes. I know how to make most but I’ve learned a few new ones.

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  4. I am so glad I found you. I was looking for a different way of making Italian sausage and peppers other than my own and came across Gina’s recipe. I’m hooked. I have been watching for hours; oh the pizza- deliziosa! I learned a lot from my Italian grandmom sadly she passed in 2007 at 91, I’m grateful that I was interested in learning her cooking, baking and the hand sewing. Thank you Gina!

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  5. Love her, and have made some of her recipes that have come out great! Kudos to her son in law for a great editing job and for keeping Gina and her treasured recipes for posterity.


  6. Gina your recipes are the best. Some I had forgotten about. How about doing a cook book?? I would be the first to buy it. You make it look so easy.


  7. LOVE GINA and her cooking! Authentic. Italian recipes like my husband’s sicilian family, right down to the stuffed artichokes, i have personally prepared several. All available on YouTube channel.

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