If you want to be comforted in this terrible time in American life, I recommend watching 85-year-old Gina Petitti cook Italian comfort food on her Buon-A-Petitti YouTube channel. These 15- to 35-minute videos are well-produced, but without a lot of slick editing. They are shot almost in real-time, in Grandma Gina’s home in New Jersey, so you get the impression of hanging around the kitchen and watching Grandma cook your favorite dishes — baked ziti, lasagna, baked fish in the Livornese style, fettucine Alfredo, pizza. It’s comfort food without the calories, though you’ll probably get a craving for something Italian (from curbside at a local restaurant) while you watch. Bonus: Grandma Gina sings Italian songs, too. She’s great.

2 thoughts on “Need comforting? Watch Grandma Gina cook Italian comfort food

  1. I found grandma Gina’s site by accident while looking for a recipe. I’m so glad I did. I’m half italian and italian cooking is in my blood. I never got to know my Italian grandmother. Grandma Gina is my grandma by proxy. I could watch her cooking shows all day.
    Dio ti Benedica
    Jim Gunnuscio

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