We are accustomed to Trump’s blather, lies, exaggerations and jabberwocky.  After a while it bounces off. Double that in an election season. But this week we got something special, something different.  Pay strict attention to the most horrifying words to pass through his puckered lips:

“We’ll want to have — get rid of the ballots and you’ll have a very — we’ll have a very peaceful — there won’t be a transfer, frankly.  There’ll be a continuation.”  

A continuation of what?  A continuation of now.  A continuation of him. If there’s a fair election and he loses, then the election was rigged and must be thrown out.

Is it really hard to imagine?

So you’re working at the polls or at collection points of the mailed ballots and in walks a complement of armed, uniformed troops of some uncertain origin — remember the rehearsal at Lafayette Square? — detailed to ‘”protect” the ballots. 

Who ya gonna call?  The police, if they’re not already the police? Or suppose the police, who see themselves under threat of “defunding,” just don’t come? 

So then, how big is the step from “protect” the ballots to “get rid of the ballots”? Want to take to the streets? If you do, you are anarchists guilty of sedition (the new Barr hobby horse) and we have begun the “continuation.”  Same old gang, because Senators’ names — McConnell & Co. — will have been on those troublesome ballots, too, and now those ballots are protected or “gotten rid of.” Appeal to the courts for help? The courts now stacked with Trump/McConnell/Federalist Society appointees?

My fellow Americans, this is something like a “bloodless coup” we read about in foreign intrigue novels, except the government being overthrown would be the government “of the people” that stood for 243 years, and we won’t have to read about this one, we can watch. Nothing — and I’m using the word “nothing” here — is beyond possibility with Trump and his gang.

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