You run out of things to say about this guy. Every time we think we’ve hit bottom, Trump pulls out a shovel and digs deeper into the darkness. Now it’s some cheap theater trick — removing his mask after a weekend in the hospital for coronavirus — and, pretending he’s fully recovered and feeling 20 years younger (It was like a weekend at La Reserve Geneve!), he tells the nation not to be afraid of a virus that has killed 210,000 Americans. Whatever empathy I had for this guy after his diagnosis, it was built on the vulnerability I feel (and we all should feel) to the disease, even with the wise precautions we take. (Wish the virus on no one, or wish it on yourself.) Empathy is also built on what this episode makes clear: Trump is a deeply disturbed, mentally impaired man, a danger to himself and others. The nation is in real peril. I wish today could be Election Day and Biden’s Inauguration moved up to the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, in time to express gratitude for the end of this public menace.

3 thoughts on “A danger to himself and others

  1. Bingo. Here was an opportunity for redemption. A teachable moment. An opportunity to tell the American people that he was wrong to discount the intensity, the danger and the infectiousness of the virus. To turn the country away from the spread of the virus and toward the restoration of health. But, no. He plays it as just another opportunity to tell the American people how HE, with his strength and power has overcome this virus. The facts, however, are that he is still quite sick. But the facts have never been even a bit important to this President.
    While I try not to wish harm on anyone, I find myself hoping that he is not just “not out of the woods” as the doctors say, but rather that he is mired into the inner regions of the forest, and deeply so.
    In my close to 70 years, he is certainly the most dangerous person to occupy the White House. Nixon was a crook, but at least he had the redeeming quality of enjoying expensive Bordeaux.

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  2. Trump couldn’t even walk up the steps without gasping for air but somehow found enough hot air to try and spin another fictitious truth. A true look into the diminished mentality of a pandemic war criminal..

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