You, who voted for Trump — some of you will insist he’s behaving badly now because of the drugs they gave him at Walter Reed for his coronavirus infection. You will say he’s under a lot of pressure and that the Democrats and liberals in the media never gave him a chance to succeed. You’ll blame the worst public health crisis, now with a U.S. death toll above 210,000, on China.

But, as for the rest of you — those who have started to see the light — be honest. You’re really troubled today. You’re confused today: Is the president as well as he claims to be? Has he recovered from the infection? Should he be out on the campaign trail? Should he have access to our nuclear arsenal?

The answer to all that: No

And you know why I can say that? Because Trump lies and lies repeatedly. He’s a terrible liar. The last count by The Washington Post was 20,000 lies or exaggerations. That’s the fundamental problem. Trump lies about everything. And he gets others to lie for him. He cannot be trusted.

That was well known in 2016 and, among other personality traits, it rendered him unfit for office. But you voted for him, didn’t you?

I won’t say that’s OK. But I’ll say this: That was then. This is now. There’s still time to end the crazy.

Think of the future. Think of your kids and your grandkids.

Unless you’re a hardcore Trump supporter, I bet you’ve finally had buyer’s remorse. I’ll bet you changed your mind in just the last week. I’ll bet you’re on the fence and ready to jump. Good. The safe harbor now is Joe Biden. He’s far from perfect but, compared to Trump, he’s King Arthur.

If you’re Republican, the polls suggest you want to vote in person instead of by mail. That’s fine. But make sure you vote. The country needs to get on the road to recovery, and Trump is not the guy to get us there. And you know that by now, don’t you? Of course, you do.

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