The Sun has a strong editorial on this subject today. You can read it at this link.

Statement From the Democratic Governors Association:

Maryland GOP Rep. Andy Harris, potential candidate for governor and the standard bearer for the base of the Maryland GOP, chose to side with violent insurrectionists over Capitol police officers yesterday. Harris voted against the resolution awarding Congressional Gold Medals to the police officers who defended the U.S. Capitol during a violent insurrection.

Three officers died in events related to the attack on January 6th, and countless others suffered serious injuries. They ran towards danger to protect Harris and everyone else who was working at the Capitol complex – but to Harris, honoring the sacrifices made by these officers is a “publicity stunt.”

Harris was one of only twelve Republicans who voted against the bill, standing with the most extreme members of his party like Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, who bullies victims of gun violence.

Harris has a history of disrespecting the rule of law – he attempted to bring a gun onto the House floor and even tried to thwart the Capitol police by handing his gun to another Congressman. And he has been a committed ally to the far-right’s dangerous agenda – standing by Trump even after the rioters attacked the Capitol, voting in favor of overturning the 2020 election results, and refusing to condemn conspiracy theories like QAnon.

Harris’ extremist behavior will be a problem for Maryland Republicans should he decide to run for governor. Biden carried Maryland by more than 30 points, and the state has more than twice as many registered Democrats as Republicans.

“Andy Harris just refused to honor the brave officers who got beaten, shot at, jammed in doors, and perished defending the U.S. Capitol and the lives of people in it on January 6th. Harris is the one pulling a publicity stunt here – not the other way around,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton. “Harris has chosen to stand with the most extreme members of his party over doing the right thing, yet again. This will be a major issue for Harris and any other Maryland Republican running for governor who isn’t already actively condemning his comments.”

4 thoughts on “Slamming Andy Harris for his lousy vote against honoring Cap cops

  1. Am just ashamed…and he represents my Eastern Shore where a lot of his yahoos live. The House resolution for the Medal needs to be pulled and have Biden do an executive order using the same unedited verbage. If Trump can award a Medal to the Sleezy 3 (Jordan, Nunes, Limbaugh) without congressional approval, so can Biden. Problem solved.

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  2. I hope he runs for Governor. Marylanders will vote for middle of the road Republicans for Governor, like Hogan, but not for a right-wing QAnon apologist like Harris. The Democrats just need to find a mainstream Democrat, who can appeal to independents. (Not a left-wing semi-socialist). This would be a very good way, and maybe the only way, to get Harris out of the House of Representatives.

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  3. Thanks for this. Andy Harris is an embarrassment to his constituents. He has long out served his usefulness as a representative to Congressional District 1. I sincerely hope that my town is redistricted from under him in the very near future.

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