Did you think about going solar at your house, then drop the idea? Are you counting on the electric grid in your region to become less dependent on fossil fuels and, therefore, greener? And does that make you feel it’s unnecessary to put solar panels on your roof?

Or maybe you just think they’re ugly.

Or so expensive your house will be someone else’s property by the time you get your initial investment back.

Maybe you decided to buy into “community solar” instead of buying your own system.


If you thought about it once, you’ll probably think about it again — especially after the power grid disaster in Texas this winter.

From National Geographic: “The complicated power infrastructure in the United States is straining more and more often in the face of both climate-change-induced extreme weather and increasing overall demand, problems that will only intensify as the planet warms further and more of everyday life gets electrified in the nationwide effort to move away from fossil fuels.”

The important thing is to make an informed decision. That’s why I made solar the subject of my Friday column in The Baltimore Sun. There’s an effort underway in the Baltimore region to better inform homeowners — and the owners of electric vehicles — about solar and the economic and environmental benefits to having your own system.

Here’s a link to the column.

Here’s a link to a schedule of upcoming webinars hosted by Solar United Neighbors.

Here is a link to a series of articles from PVMagazine, which provides news and information about the photovoltaic industry.

Here’s a link to the National Geographic piece quoted above.

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