I saw these offensive flags for sale on Amazon and decided this is the last straw — I’m done buying products this way. I told myself several times over the years that I would stop this lazy practice of buying stuff through Amazon, and broke that pledge a few times, particularly during the pandemic. Now I’m really done. This did it for me. A company this large and profitable can afford to be more discerning in what it sells. (And I know: Amazon sold similar merchandise about Trump, but I did not know any of that until I saw the “Fuck Biden” flags today. While I can understand the viceral sentiment of “Fuck Trump” because he was so vulgar and invited hatred with his lies and despicable acts, even before he became president, I’ve seen nothing that justified this vulgar dismissal of Biden. These flags represent the raw hatred of the man who fairly beat Trump in an election and made a woman of color his vice president — it has nothing to do with ideology — and to put hatred of Biden on a level with despisal of Trump is just another false equivalency, and furthered by Amazon.) For this and all the other reasons previously stated in this space, especially Amazon’s anti-union practices. I’m done, and you should be, too.

Father’s Day is next month, and if you thought about buying my book as gift, please patronize a local bookstore; ask them to get it for you. Or order directly from the publisher. (OK, it’s a shameless plug, but I’m plugging the bookstores and the publishers, too, right?)

End of rant and public pledge.

Father’s Day Creek: Fly Fishing, Fatherhood and the Last Best Place on Earth.”

Here are links to the books of some local authors:

D. Watkins

Dan Fesperman

Ta-NehIsi Coates

Martha Jones

Tom Horton

Laura Lippman

Stephen Hunter

Sujata Massey

Justin Fenton

Kevin Cowherd

4 thoughts on “It’s way past time to stop using Amazon

  1. Way to go Dan!!!!! I am also trying to avoid Amazon but what about our local public libraries and such and our local Baltimore businesses who have found a way to navigate the Amazon giant and make a profit off selling books and retro videos, DVDs, etc…..don’t abandon them yet!!! We can slowly un-attach ourselves from these giants! I got fed up with Zuckerberg and FB and I am finding other ways to connect with my own community.
    I understand your anger and rant….after the anger flares and you rant….you say wait a minute…I can’t let my anger with the corporate fools cloud by judgement…you figure things out slowly so you can un-attach slowly from the GIANTS and help the Jacks and Jills of the world still do good by bypassing the scheming corporates!!!! who obviously put profits first and people last. You put people first and you do not need a profit most likely as you are probably in my age range (I am 54) but these young people who are figuring things out need us oldies but goodies. We have to stay balanced and can only rant once in a while when these corporate controllers push us to the edge! I also didn’t read in detail what you are mad about so I hope I ASSumed it correctly and my quick reply makes sense in this case.

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