A narrative memoir about fly fishing, fatherhood and finding your last best place on Earth. Published by Apprentice House Books at Loyola University Maryland. Available now in softcover and hardcover. Publication date: May 2019. Foreword by Lefty Kreh.

. . . . . “Where would you want to be if you knew the world would end tomorrow? How would you want to remember life on Earth? ”

For the sake of sanity and soul, everyone should have a place in the outdoors they consider their personal sanctuary, a “spirit-home” that restores faith in the natural world even as climate change threatens it. Award-winning Baltimore Sun columnist and long-time angler Dan Rodricks describes the little piece of paradise he found through fly fishing — Father’s Day Creek, his name for an Eastern river that he considers The Last Best Place on Earth. The book challenges readers to identify their own Last Best Place and spend time there. The story unfolds over three hours on a single Father’s Day morning. While prospecting for trout, the author reflects, hour by hour, on his experiences with a fly rod and more than 50 years of fishing with his father, friends and children. The book offers advice on fly fishing and parenthood, and explores the wonders of finding one’s “spirit-home” midst the noise of modern life. The foreword, by fly fishing legend and former Sun outdoors writer Lefty Kreh, was composed just a month before his death in 2018.”

Dan Rodricks is an award-winning columnist for The Baltimore Sun, writing commentary on local, regional and national news three days a week since January 1979. He is also the host of a podcast, called Roughly Speaking, on baltimoresun.com. He is the former host of Midday, a daily talk show on WYPR, the NPR affiliate in Baltimore. Earlier, he was host of a talk show on WBAL Radio, contributed feature stories and commentary to WBAL-TV News, the NBC affiliate in Baltimore, and he produced and served as host of a live television show, “Rodricks For Breakfast,” on WMAR-TV, the ABC affiliate in Baltimore. He is the winner of several national and regional journalism awards, and the author of two other books.

2 thoughts on “Father’s Day Creek: A book for outdoors lovers, anglers, and anyone who had a father.

  1. That’s a hard one! I’d want to be with my family but they’re all over the US. If I was by myself, I’d want to be on the highest peak in the mountains of Wyoming looking out at the grandness of my homeland so I could see that out of fire, earthquakes, volcanos and violent impacts of comets & asteroids came the most beautiful planet in our solar system – and perhaps the universe – who knows for sure.


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