Always a gentleman, always professional, always encouraging, always interested in the work and experiences of others, always offering insight, always ready to provide perspective on Baltimore, Maryland and national politics, always thinking and writing, always at work on a book, always a role model for other journalists. Always tall, always smiling and happy to see you.

Always Fraser.

He was a mentor to young reporters. He was a tough judge when he had to be, but he also had the gentlest of souls, someone who empathized easily with others or expressed righteous outrage when the moment or the story called for it.

You go through this life and, hopefully, the longer you live, the more blessings you have to count. Fraser was one of mine, and a blessing for many. It was a blessing to be his colleague and friend. Such men — such honorable and fine men — are immortal in our hearts.

6 thoughts on “Always Fraser Smith

  1. Fraser was a fine man with a brain that never stopped and a manner that was warm. Over the years, we did a few things together. I always counted him as a friend. We will miss him a lot. His books were both scholarly and well written. Baltimore is left in a better place because of his presence. God rest his soul.

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  2. Well said. You speak for so many of us, including those like me who could not say it so well but will keep Fraser on our hearts and thoughts as we go forward.

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  3. He was one of the people I met along the way who could inspire you to believe in Baltimore. Not for what it was but for what you could contribute and make it become. Bravo!

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