Chicken thighs marinated in peri-peri and grilled with rosemary sprigs

To make the peri-peri:

Six cloves garlic

One red bell pepper cut into slices, seeds removed. (You can also use a hot red pepper or two for this; it’s up to you.)

One half red onion cut into chunks

Put these ingredients in a food processor with:

One half cup red wine vinegar

One half cup olive oil

Tablespoon of salt

Tablespoon sugar

Tablespoon paprika

Teaspoon oregano

The juice of two lemons

Red pepper flakes, as much or as little as you like.

Mix this in a blender or food processor so that it makes a thick marinade.

This mixture should coat 8 to 10 skinless, boneless chicken thighs. Marinate two days, if possible.

When ready to cook:

Get your grill to about 300 degrees. Before setting the marinated chicken out to cook, place sprigs of fresh rosemary on the grill. Place the chicken thighs on top of the rosemary. Cover the grill and let the chicken cook for about 8 minutes, turning once. Remove the hood and finish with a good flame on the chicken. Some of the rosemary will sear to the chicken meat.  Serve with a salad or grilled squash, and a glass of vinho verde.

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