Wally Vait treated me to a corked bottle of magic yesterday — dark amber honey from his hives near a cornfield. I have sampled it now four times — experienced it, I should say — in the hopes of describing it, but fear human adjectives might demean the flavor. The honey tasters from the Maryland State Fair are better suited for this job. But I’ll take a stab at it — soft and earthy, with bright notes, and a happy spray of honeysuckle at the finish. It’s more complex than any honey I’ve ever tasted: Not obviously sweet, more like something you remember — the taste of a warm spring day, for instance — than something you can summarize in a word.

I’ll stop with all that, and let you hear from Wally now: “It’s a blend of nectar from early spring up until two weeks ago. We had a great clover bloom up here this summer. That is why it is so dark. I just love the flavors in the honey the bees come up with.”

Congratulations, Walter, and thank you for the experience.

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