My latest column in The Sun is another about Living Classrooms, and I’ll tell you why:  Until recently, I considered myself to be among the many Baltimoreans who think of Living Classrooms as “field trips on boats for kids on the Chesapeake.” But it’s turned into a lot more than that over the last 36 years. I really did not appreciate what Living Classrooms does for thousands of struggling Baltimoreans — it’s kind of overwhelming, really — and how the scope of the foundation, with a $16 million annual budget, has grown.

You’ve probably driven by the UA House at Fayette. Ever wonder what goes on inside? Today’s column explains.

And here’s a recent piece about Living Classrooms’ Project SERVE.

More to come.

More to come

2 thoughts on “Catching up with Living Classrooms, a Baltimore do-good that’s grown far beyond ‘field trips for kids’

  1. Hello Mr. Dan Rodricks, this is Arndrea Hoyle.
    Thank you for using the images of my sewing class to highlight living classrooms. This morning I noticed a surprise text message from Mr. Chas Ackley. He said, “you made the newspaper, Ms Hoyle.”
    I admittedly contacted the students and each were excited. I’m happy to know that you had the feeling of bliss as you enter the classroom. Also, that you felt like you wanted to sign up for one of my sewing classes!!!

    My plan is to contact you soon in the hopes that we can schedule a time when I can share, some of my stories as being a fashion design teacher, my history of fashion shows and an exhibit of my original pieces of Art!!!!
    Ms. Arndrea 443-525-3009

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