In the wake of the Rittenhouse trial and verdict, here’s a hypothetical to ponder from Arnold “Skip” Isaacs, former Baltimore Sun correspondent and editor:


Imagine that last January 6 a concerned citizen — let’s call him Lyle
Kittenhouse — became worried that the Capitol police were being
overwhelmed by the mob, that he picked up a loaded AR15 and had his mom drive him to Capitol Hill to help defend Congress. When the rioters saw him with his weapon, some of them swarmed toward him and got close enough to get their hands on him and possibly grab his gun.  Kittenhouse got scared and fired off a few shots, killing two of them and wounding a third. He was charged with murder but pleaded self-defense, and the jury acquitted him.

Question: Following the trial, would we have heard a deafening chorus of
Republican politicians and Fox News commentators falling all over
themselves to cheer that verdict and celebrate it as vindicating an
unjustly accused hero?

(Of course, no citizen picked up a gun to help defend the Capitol. This is purely hypothetical to make the point that the right never would have praised or defended someone who did.)

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