This is what the French call “crêpe complète,” a comforting and delicious crepe filled with egg, ham and cheese. I learned how to make this from a video a cousin-in-law shot while visiting family in Brittany, the mecca of crepes in France. 

de Buyer pan

To make this, it helps to have a large crepe griddle, though you can probably make a smaller crepe complète using a conventional stovetop crepe pan like this one (right). I also invested in a Lodge cast iron pizza pan. It’s good for making large crepes on the stove and can be used as a griddle or as intended, for pizza.

Lodge pizza pan

You can also buy crepes in a package and make this breakfast or brunch special with ready-made crepes. The point is, you can make these with a large skillet or conventional griddle if you don’t have the pans I just suggested to make the crepes from scratch.

Here’s le technique:

Melt butter on the griddle over medium heat, then place the crepe on top. Separate an egg, pour the white on the crepe and spread it as much as you can. It should start to cook immediately. Then, place the yolk in the center of the crepe. Surround the yolk with grated cheese (gruyere, if you have it) and pieces of ham. Add a little salt and pepper. Then fold the crepe over those ingredients (in a square or triangle). Smear with more butter. The crepe complète should be ready in just a couple of minutes. Be careful not to scorch the bottom. Crispy good, scorch bad. Bon appetit.

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