In coming elections, Americans will have a choice, as always, when it comes to the kind of government we want: An open, liberal, representative democracy or some version of the old monarchy the Founders rejected, and that would be, in the modern world, an autocratic form of government, if not a dictatorship. It would be what Russia has. And what Russia has today is a lying, murderous criminal as a leader. Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine is a throwback to 20th Century fascism, using his military to terrorize a neighboring country and attempt to depose its democratically elected president. All Americans should be unequivocally outraged at Putin’s unjustified invasion and his effort to destabilize Europe.

Anyone who stops short of condemning Putin should have their American credentials — and their mental health — checked.

All Americans need to take a good hard look at Russia and keep looking: If you don’t think a demented man could become president of the United States and, with the full complicity of his political party, tear apart the foundations of our democracy — fair elections, transparent government — and wield enormous power unfettered by the checks and balances built into the Constitution, then you have not been paying attention. Give the Putin-adoring, erratic Trump the presidency again, along with a Republican Senate and House, and a Supreme Court already stacked with right-wing zealots, then the distance between the American ideal and Putinesque Russia becomes just a short walk. It’s time for all but the most irrational Trump supporters to search their souls and reject him, once and for all. If you’re appalled by Putin, and you should be, you cannot support Trump.

5 thoughts on “Don’t like Putin? Don’t support Trump and Republicans.

  1. All true. Of course, it is easy to criticize Trump for his womanizing, for his crudeness, for his bankruptcies, and for other aspects of his personal life. But here, we see a Trump who withdrew American troops from Europe, withdrew American funding from NATO and, indeed wanted to withdraw entirely from NATO because of his isolationist viewpoint. And the result of this was to embolden Putin, who saw that many Americans supported Trump, and he thus felt the time was right to invade Ukraine. On substantive policy, Trump was a disaster. He should fade into the dung heap of history, the sooner the better.

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  2. Dan? You forget that his cult are brainwashed into believing that Trump is a strong man who has stood up to Putin mightily. They TRULY believe that Trump is Putin’s enemy. The brainwashing is phenomenal. The evidence for normal, rational people is clear. Trump is Putin’s puppet and has been in bed with him financially for decades. So, we can say all we want that if you put Trump back in power, “the distance between the American ideal and Putinesque Russia becomes just a short walk.” But. “HIS PEOPLE” and millions of independents CANNOT and WILL NOT get it or see the truth. What the hell do we do about THAT?


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