My Sun column for this Friday should have a tagline: “To be continued.” That would have committed me in print to something I already have in mind — to follow the Resurrection Sandtown Project in the coming months and years to see if the people behind it, starting with Rev. Rodney Hudson, can get the master plan and financing needed to redevelop a huge piece of property in West Baltimore.

The reason I took photos of Rev. Hudson and his church trustee, Van Beall, at such a distance was to give a sense of how large the block along Baker Street is. The space now includes some 36,000 square feet presently occupied by an industrial building and warehouse donated by Northeastern Supply, a plumbing and heating distributor.
So Resurrection Sandtown has a big job ahead — getting support for a project to bring services, stores and jobs to the property that the faith-based organization has acquired. The project now has room enough for a supermarket, but grocers want to see sufficient population density to make a store profitable, thus the need for more housing in the area — and, further, the need to make the neighborhood safer than it is now. The neighborhood needs more residents.
So, a big job ahead.

One unhappy note about all this: Ames United Methodist Church, a 19th Century stone house of worship at the corner of North Carey and Baker Streets (photo below), will have to be demolished. It has been in disrepair for years, and Rev. Hudson had to move his congregation to his other pastorship on West Lanvale Street. The hope is that, once the church comes down, the large corner lot can be cleared and, with two adjoining lots, provide space for apartments for seniors.
So, lots of lots, and lots of ambition and big dreams there.
To be continued.

Rodricks columns in The Baltimore Sun.

3 thoughts on “Resurrection Sandtown: To Be Continued

  1. Great story of hope. Sorry to hear that Ames will be demolished. Too many beautiful houses of worship in this city that have fallen into disrepair. Maybe a story there?

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