A few years ago, I suggested that electric ferries across the Chesapeake Bay could relieve some of the traffic congestion on our bay bridges, avoiding the multibillion-dollar proposal of Gov. Larry “Road Warrior” Hogan to build a third span.

Of course, while many readers thought my suggestion was worth exploring – even exciting – Maryland’s logistical geniuses dismissed the idea as impractical. In the last couple of years, there was a report putting down the idea of using electric ferries to transport people and cars across the bay.

Whatever. That lazy attitude fits with our backwards view of transportation – millions of people in individual vehicles burning fossil fuels versus advancing public transportation with significant taxpayer subsidy.

I bring this up because I continue to watch what European countries are doing with e-transport, including some amazing ferry and water taxi innovations.

Here, see for yourself, see what we’re missing: Candela’s electric commuter boats.

Candela’s water taxi unveiled in Venice.

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