Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, the whacko Republican from Georgia famous for nothing but incendiary comments, claims Awful Andy Harris of Maryland is among four House members supporting her resolution calling for the impeachment of Attorney General Merrick Garland. Greene said this in tweets yesterday, thanking Harris and the others for joining her absurd effort.

She wants to impeach the AG for doing his job, authorizing the FBI to search and seize top-secret documents from Trump’s Mar-a-Lago.

Greene and Harris are fellow travelers out on the far right, and he’s become more of an extremist wannabe, even attending a White House meeting to discuss ways to overturn Joe Biden’s victory in the 2020 election for Trump.

Harris donated cash from his 2020 campaign coffers to help get Greene elected.

What’s funny is, when right-wing watchdog Ron Filipkowski tweeted Harris’ name as a co-sponsor of the Garland resolution — along with two other Republicans, Clay Higgins and Mary Hill — several other tweeters announced that they’d never heard of those members of Congress.

In Harris’ case, of course, we know why. He has little to show for having served six terms in Congress representing Maryland’s 1st District. He pledged to only serve six terms, but is seeking a seventh. Heather Mizeur is his Democratic opponent.

By the way, Greene’s resolution so far has not been listed by the House Clerk. The co-sponsors’ names did not appear on the document she tweeted to her followers. As of Saturday morning, Harris had not posted his support on Twitter or Facebook. I sent an email to his media rep asking if he did, in fact, support Greene’s resolution, but I doubt I’ll hear back. Harris does everything by the GOP playbook, and the instruction this year is to avoid speaking with the mainstream media. When you are that far out of the mainstream — far away from anything resembling stable democracy or rational, factual discourse — why bother trying to explain yourself?

4 thoughts on “Whacko House member says Andy Harris supports her resolution calling for AG’s impeachment

  1. Dan: You point out, as to Rep. Harris, that “He has little to show for having served six terms in Congress…”
    Given his politics, I, for one, am pleased that he has little to show. That is, had any proposals of his become law, we’d be in even worse shape than we are at present.


  2. Please keep these posts and articles in the Sun coming, Dan. Harris needs to go and I hope the folks in his district are finally coming to realize this.


  3. Well, our MD QAnon GQPs created this Harris Frankenstein and we now need to deal with it. And hoping and praying he gets defeated in November (and loses his license due to prescribing Ivermectin while on a right wing radio show). With the current events, I called Pelosi, Hoyer, McConnell, McCarthy, Clyburn, Van Hollen to demand they lock themselves up in a room and figure out how to stop their Reps’ violent rhetoric. There needs to be rules made that they cannot use their Congressional platforms to spew this hate

    If they use their personal PCs/phones, they cannot identify themselves as Reps or Sens. Our taxes pay for their “service” in Congress whether you are a Dem, GQP, or independent. Our current so called First Amendment is our doom. The Founders did not intend to create it to promote Civil War. And the Fairness Doctrine needs to be reinstituted to clean up cable aka FOX.. Doesn’t matter it was dropped because FTC doesn’t control privately funded entities. That rule can be easily changed.

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