I hear the voices of children, the summer voices of children. They bounce across the lake from the beach, squealing giggles and dog-paddle splashes, the chatter of a childhood fading away with summer, fading away from us all. In the week leading to Labor Day, we reach the Sunday night of the year, the long slow night of the year before life calls us back to class. So, in the closing minutes, I listen to the children across the lake, and try to remember the chatter of my own, now grown, until the last little laugh, until the last little splash.

5 thoughts on “Summer’s end: A reverie

  1. Yes! Danny those sounds of children playing are exquisite! I cherish my grandchildren’s laughter! Back to school for them too!

    Graxie Mille for your beautiful reflections!


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  2. Hello Dan,Your words capture the essence of the end of summer.  Especially from childhood. Well done.  I’ve shared with friends around the country who also appreciate ‘August is the Sunday night of the year.“Thank you 

    NatalieStay safe.   Help others

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