The Baltimore Orioles of 2022 won 31 more games than did the Baltimore Orioles of 2021, and the franchise had its first winning season since . . . well, it’s been a while. They last made the playoffs in 2016, and they had a great season in 2014, an overall good run during the Buck Showalter years. But still, in the 30 years of Oriole Park at Camden Yards, there were 20 losing seasons — 14 in a row at one point — and the Orioles have not been to the World Series since Ronald Reagan was in his first term as president. So to say Baltimore, with all its great baseball history, craves a winner understates the community condition. My column on the last two games of the season is here: The surprising Baltimore Orioles and the great pick-me-up of 2022.

Photos from Wednesday: The various batting stances of some the 2022 Orioles


One thought on “Thank you, Orioles. That was pretty good.

  1. I am very impressed with the turn-around that the Orioles have made the second half of the season. I hope they can keep up the momentum next year. What I would like to see is for the newspaper to put out color photos of the players in an 8×10 format like they did years ago. One at a time in the Sunday newspaper.


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