I would like one person who lives in Maryland’s 1st District to tell me one thing Rep. Andy Harris has done that was beneficial to that person or that district in the 12 years Harris has been in Congress. (We already know about the Salisbury post office renaming, that doesn’t count.) Go ahead. Let’s hear it.

In my column in today’s Baltimore Sun, I riff on Harris’ claim that voting in 2022 comes down to a simple question: Are you better off than you were two years ago? It’s a very simplistic way of looking at the midterm elections.

After I wrote my column, it occurred to me that a better question voters of Maryland’s 1st District should ask themselves is: What has Andy Harris done, besides grandstand and vote with the worst extremists in the Republican Party, over the last 12 years? 

Go ahead. Let’s hear it. Make my day.

This is what everyone should do when considering an incumbent, Democrat or Republican. In my surveys of Maryland’s eight representatives to Congress, Harris is the weakest when it comes to having any legislative record to stand on, and he has cast some of the worst votes, with his nay for honoring the cops who defended the Capitol on Jan. 6 probably the worst. Then, of course, there’s his support of Trump’s Big Lie, and his shameful role in challenging Joe Biden’s election.

If anyone who supports Harris wants to tell me what I’m missing, my email is drodricks@baltsun.com

5 thoughts on “Andy Harris supporters: Why this guy?

  1. I live on the Eastern Shore and he represents part of it…NO…am not a fan. Plus during his debate about abortion he said women opting for abortions would also have an abortion if they didn’t like the fetus’ sex. He needs to be long gone. Just a vulgar human being.

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  2. I did a search for Andy on Congress.gov and found between 2019 and 2022 he sponsored 2 bills. Ben Cardin sponsored 248 during the same period. Unfortunately, Andy is from deep red Harford County so he’ll definitely get re-elected.

    Thanks for your column.

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