Dates have been set for performances of two plays by Baltimore Sun columnist Dan Rodricks — a second run of “Baltimore, You Have No Idea” in December 2023 and a new play, “Baltimore Docket,” for February 2024. Both plays will be staged in the theater of the Baltimore Museum of Art.

“Baltimore, You Have No Idea” played to three sellout audiences in December 2022 and was enthusiastically received. In the one-act play, Rodricks told tales from his newspaper days while a supporting cast portrayed some of the many people he’s encountered in writing one of the longest-running newspaper columns in the U.S. 

“Dan’s play was one of the best 90 minutes of live theater I’ve experienced in recent years,” wrote Len Lazarick, founding editor and publisher of Maryland Reporter.

The second run of “Baltimore, You Have No Idea” will be Dec. 8, 9, 14, 15 and 16 in the BMA’s Meyerhoff Auditorium. There will be six performances. The director is Will Schwarz and the music director is Mat Lane.

“Baltimore Docket,” a series of scenes from courtrooms and trials Rodricks observed over the years for his Sun column, will be staged February 9, 10, 16, 17, 2024. There will be six performances. Schwarz will be the stage director, Lane the music director. Casting for “Baltimore Docket” will take place in summer.

Tickets for each play will be $27 general admission, and on sale through our website in September. For more information:

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  1. Hi Dan, Aren’t you supposed to love (Honor) your father and mother? It’s the 5th or maybe the 4th commandment. I still don’t understand Louis and John and their mother Georgia and father Peter. Glad they dropped the lawsuit. Tanya B Rodich


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