Kay-Megan Washington, who gave a stellar performance as Lula Key in “Baltimore, You Have No Idea” in December, has a role in a new musical play based on the writings of Edgar Allan Poe.

Called, “Nevermore,” it is having its premiere run at Area 405 on Oliver Street this month. With music by Matt Conner and book by Grace Barnes, it is described as a “dark, mysterious, musical journey into the heart and soul of Edgar Allan Poe, America’s first truly visionary poet.”

Kay-Megan plays Maria “Muddy” Clemm, Poe’s paternal aunt and mother-in-law. Here’s what she had to say about the Stillpointe Theatre production:

“This musical was commissioned by Signature Theatre in Virginia and tells the story of Edgar Allan Poe and the defining roles of the various women in his life. Though he spent most of his life elsewhere, Poe married a Baltimore woman and died here under mysterious circumstances, and has been adopted as a native son.

“The music is amazing; the lyrics and some of the dialogue are drawn from across Poe’s work. (Audience members from Maryland will be able to see how much of “The Raven” they remember.) The sets, costumes and orchestra are astounding; and if I may say so, the cast is a Baltimore theater Dream Team. Tickets are selling briskly, and capacity in the venue is limited.”

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