Dear Trump supporter:

You must realize by now that, whatever you were thinking in November 2016, your vote for Donald Trump that month turned out to be a vote for a disaster of a president. You see that, right? I know it’s a hard thing to admit, and even if you had a moment of introspection, you would never confess such a thing to the likes of me or anyone else who describes Trump as a disaster. That’s human nature — to cling to something you believe in for as long as possible, and never admit a mistake to someone who might rub it in your face. But I’m not here to rub it in your face. I’m here to say welcome to the first stage of recovery. You’re not alone.

I’ll bet that the Ukraine phone call has given you some pause, and the debacle in Syria — created in an instant by Trump’s betrayal of a people who helped defeat ISIS — for the first time might have made you feel guilty for having voted for the guy. An American president abandoning an ally from a recent military operation is about as horrible a turn as anyone could imagine. And you just know Obama could never get away with it, right? You must agree with that.

Don’t worry if you’re having doubts: There are probably other people like you. A lot of Americans think the Trump Base is hard-core, stubborn and tribal in its views.  I hear a lot of people say the #MAGA crowd will never admit it made a mistake, and when I see Trump’s rally crowds I feel the same way. But, while that might be true for the hardest part of the hardcore, out on the fringes there must be a rising tide of doubt. Don’t tell me there’s not. Polls suggest there is. Some Americans are Always-Trumpers, but I believe many of those who were caught up in the cult are now contemplating a quiet way out.

I think you can understand why your support of Trump has baffled many of your fellow Americans. There’s a lot more going on here than the usual conservative-liberal divide, or Republican-Democrat divide. We’re all used to that. Over the last 50 years, we’ve had conservative presidents and moderate-to-liberal presidents, Republicans and Democrats. What remains inexplicable and even horrifying is how so many of our fellow Americans could elect as president such an obviously ignorant, deceitful, racist and vulgar man.

  • If you wanted a president who was going to shut down our borders and keep more brown and black people from entering the country, I guess you got what you wanted.
  • If you are a rich cat or an executive in a large company, you are probably happy with the tax cut that Trump and the Republicans in Congress provided.
  • And if you are adamantly opposed to abortion and wanted to see Trump stack the Supreme Court with justices who might one day overturn Roe v. Wade, then I suppose you’re satisfied.

If you fit any of these descriptions — if you are narrowly focused on immigration, taxes and abortion — then you probably think Trump is the greatest. But let me ask you: Now that you’ve got what you wanted out of him, you can let him go, right? He’s an international embarrassment, and a danger to the democracy. You don’t need him anymore: Mission accomplished.

And If you were not a single-issue voter, if you elected Trump primarily because he wasn’t a conventional politician and because you couldn’t stand Hillary Clinton, you probably find yourself in the first stages of recovery from Trump. The process has already started, hasn’t it? You’re exhausted, like the rest of us. You’ve had enough. You’ve seen the light. You recognize that you help put a dangerous ignoramus in the White House, and you now clearly see the error and you’re preparing to escape from Trumptown and help the nation recover, too. I know you’re out there; you’re on an emotional journey from the darkness. Good luck on the way out. I’ll see you on the other side.

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