The image of a Capitol police officer being crushed in a door by the Trump mob Wednesday afternoon should disturb everyone. It prompts this citizen to join with others calling not only for the impeachment of Trump but his prosecution for inciting the deadly riot. This dangerous president has announced that he will not attend Joe Biden’s inauguration in 10 days. I hope that’s because he fears that, the moment Biden says, “So help me God,” a federal prosecutor and marshals move in, announce an indictment and take Trump into custody. The evidence is clear and uncontradicted: First, video and audio of Trump at his inciting worst at the Wednesday rally, then images like this one of the tortured officer — and Trump crazies with their Trump flags and hats everywhere outside and inside the Capitol. This destruction and desecration should not go by without Trump’s arrest. The talk that arrest or impeachment will do more harm than good, that it will further divide us — that is coming from duplicitous Republicans and from people who want to appease the mob and who do not have the fortitude necessary to stand for justice.  If we don’t do this, Trump will remain a dangerous force in the country. He will not go away quietly, as Richard Nixon did in 1974.

Beyond Trump, there’s the huge and necessary challenge of dealing with his vast mob of extreme supporters.

Check out my Sunday column for the wise words of psychotherapist John Gartner, the outspoken leader of a movement to warn us about the serious psychological disorder that made Trump unfit for office. He believes, as do I, that investigations need to be conducted about the depths of the violent right-wing movement Trump summoned from the underground. Here’s a comment from John that did not make it into the column: “There need to be robust and far-ranging investigations and prosecutions. When a society is hijacked, coming back is not an automatic thing. What has been done must be exposed and punished: Nuremberg Trials and Truth and Reconciliation Commissions. And finally, enforcement and intelligence must quadruple our defenses against right-wing terrorism and Russian hacking and disinformation. If you plan a sedition on Parler, the FBI should be at your door that evening.”

5 thoughts on “Trump should face arrest and prosecution

  1. Complete agreement here. Criminals should be prosecuted, not pardoned. Trump is a criminal. I fear that he will pardon the various arrestees from this past Wednesday’s event, as he has pardoned his criminal friends (Stone, et al). Hopefully, when 1/20 at noon arrives, the government of the United States can return to being a government, and stop being a talk show. Hopefully, we’ll have a government led by people who are dedicated to advancing the interests of the population of the country, rather than the personal brand of the leader.


  2. Schumer and Pelosi are not plotting a course which unites Americans and takes the country forward. No, they’re motivated by spite and malice. They had their day with previous phony impeachment attempts. America suffers while Congress fiddles.
    Really–you want “Truth and Reconciliation Commissions” in America? You’re taking us down a totalitarian path and it won’t end well.
    Whatever happened to the “Better Angels of Our Nature”?


    1. You’re kidding, right? The sacking of the Capitol is just some political disagreement not an attempt to overthrow our government? Trump invited this riot and people died. And had the Republicans listened to the evidence in the first impeachment and voted based on facts instead of their political self-interest, we wouldn’t be here and wouldn’t need a second impeachment. But go ahead, keep supporting the fascists.


    2. Schumer and Pelosi were not the subject of Mr. Rodricks’ blogpost. Changing the topic is a true sign of a weak argument. Mr. McCormack…do you endorse what occurred this past week with regard to the attack on Congress? Do you believe that President Trump is not complicit in stimulating the attack?

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