Munich, Germany, November 8-9, 1923: The Beer Hall Putsch was a failed coup by Nazi Party leader Adolf Hitler, his entourage and other Nationalists against the Weimar Republic. Hitler plotted to kidnap the Bavarian commissioner at a beer hall on the first night of the putsch. Some 2,000 Nazis marched on the city centre, hoping to establish a headquarters there, but were confronted by military police. Sixteen Nazi Party members and four police officers were killed. Hitler was arrested and tried for treason, and he and his nationalist and anti-semitic views came to the attention of the world. He dictated Mein Kampf while in prison, and set a course to gain power by political means rather than force. The rest is dark, brutal history.

I post this here for those who think/hope/pray that Trump and the white supremacist movement will soon go away . . .

11 thoughts on “Quick History: The Beer Hall Putsch

  1. Thank you, Dan, for the history lesson. If you are suggesting that history could repeat itself, I fear that you are correct. It’s one thing to exercise one’s first amendment right to attend a peaceful rally wearing a shirt which says “Trump 2020”, but it is quite another to invade the Capitol, to destroy property, and to wear guns and armor, dressed in t-shirts and sweatshirts upon which is written “6MWNE”. For what does that stand? “Six million was not enough”. A chilling indication as to the hatred which festers within these rioters.

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  2. Thank you, Dan. This is an important historical parallel. I wrote my honor’s thesis on fascism and would point out that among the factors that contributed to Hitler’s rise were divisions among the parties that supported democracy, the failure of the Weimar government to crack down on armed Nazi thugs, and the complicity of big business and religious leaders. Sound familiar?

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  3. Mr. McCormick. BIg difference between Trump and “honest conservatives”, the expression you use. There are two types of Republicans now. There are the right wing crazy nut cases, such as Trump, Cruz, Hawley, etc, and the “honest conservatives” like Hogan, Sasse, Collins, Kasich, and many others. I would say there are two types of Democrats also. There are left wing crazy nut cases, such as AOC, Maxine Waters, Tlaib, and there are honest moderate liberal Democrats like BIden, Cardin, and many others.


    1. Really, Irwin? Liberal women of color are “crazy nut cases”? You use the same term for them as you use for the racist and dangerous president, and the Senate seditionists mentioned above? This equivalency could not be more false.


  4. Yes, really. Has nothing to do with the color or gender of the crazy left wingers. Let’s take Tlaib. She recently tweeted the slogan “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free.”— This is an old PLO phrase which supports the creation of a single Palestinian state, from the Jordan river to the Mediterranean, and thus, the elimination of the entire State of Israel. A member of Congress advocating the destruction of a sovereign democratic state? I’d say that is racist and demonstrative from a crazy nut. It is an extraordinary departure from normative US policy. It doesn’t matter to me that the statement comes from a female. I’d say the same thing if it came from a male. Her ethnicity is irrelevant to me. It is what comes out of her mouth– a disturbing statement demonstrating a radical agenda inconsistent, in my view, with American values and with historic American standards.


  5. Maxine Waters– during the Rodney King riots in Los Angeles, the LA Times quoted her as saying, “If you call it a riot, it sounds like it was just a bunch of crazy people who went out and did bad things for no reason. I maintain it was somewhat understandable, if not acceptable. So I call it a rebellion”
    Well, destroying property in Los Angeles, while 3000 or so miles away from the Capitol, is sort of similar to what occurred this week in Washington. Personally, I am opposed to rioting and the wanton destruction of property. What would you and I say if a Trump supporter said what she said about the pro-Trump crazies who rallied in Washington and destroyed windows, furniture and other property at the Capitol? Would we say it was understandable? No, we would say it was criminal behavior.


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