As long as Republicans stand by Trump, as long as they fail to rebuke the likes of Marjorie Taylor Greene, as long as the cowards and seditionists roam the halls of Congress with impunity, the American democracy is at grave risk. If you think we’ve seen the last of the insurrectionists, you are mistaken. Those who sacked the Capitol at Trump’s behest on Jan. 6 will be back; they probably think the horrible events of that day were, like Hitler’s beer hall putsche, the first step toward seizing the U.S. government and establishing an autocracy. Our freedoms are in jeopardy. I no longer feel it is hyperbole to bring up Hitler and the Nazis in this context. We have been warned about the march toward fascism in this country and, if we are not vigilant — if we don’t put down the lunatic right as hard as possible, if we don’t consistently refute those who spread lies (including FOX “News”) — the republic will not stand. I worry about climate change for the sake of my kids and everyone else’s. I am equally worried about the future of the U.S. government.

I don’t know that the Republican Party can be saved. Some think it’s not doomed, but dead. That might be the case. But if the GOP has morphed into a lunatic fascist movement, then I say the danger to the republic is even greater than we thought. We face the prospect of an entire political party, with millions of members, embracing white supremacy and fascism.

It happens one step at a time.

In my Baltimore Sun column today I mention a couple of movies.

This year marks 60 since the release of “Judgment At Nuremberg.” If you have never seen it or have not watched it in years, this is a good time. It’s a snow day. Every American, especially the Republicans who cling to Trump, should watch it. To say that this film is relevant to America today seems trite. But that is exactly what I mean in recommending it.

The further we get away from World War II, the easier to forget the horrors of the Nazi regime and, most importantly, how the German people came to accept them. The movie is available online via MGM and TCM. Make sure you get the 1961 film directed by Stanley Kramer and not the earlier Playhouse 90 version. The film stars Burt Lancaster, Maximilian Schell, Richard Widmark, Spencer Tracy, Judy Garland, Montgomery Clift and Marlene Dietrich.

This movie should have a screening in Congress.

2 thoughts on “A film every American, especially Republicans, should watch

  1. I agree. I thought of Hitler during Trump’s first campaign with the Black Mercedes and just looking at his crowds. This is very dangerous and is not going away. He probably will not be convicted because most people are spineless and these Senators only think about their Political futures. But it can happen again. it is very scary.

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  2. Well, I could only see the Playhouse 90 version on the Firestick (I have very basic cable) and it was very good. I’ll check for the DVD on Netflix, though I wonder how it could be any better. We can’t be complacent in light of the events of January 6th.


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