Guest comment from Tom “Bush Hog” James:

One of the more cherished hallmarks of Congressional conduct is the ability to hide — in some quarters, it’s referred to as avoidance of responsibility.  Senators, in particular, have been able to avoid the heat by reliance on their leadership to assure that potentially embarrassing votes never have to be taken. Mitch McConnell is a master at providing that kind of cover for fellow Republicans.
There’s a test at hand, right before us right now, and it’s so simple just about anyone can understand it. It’s about money. 

For reasons that are entirely human, the public much favors the distribution of money to many of themselves — not the defense contractors, or big pharma or big tech, from where Republicans always claim it will trickle down to the little people — but rather directly to the little people themselves. Trump gave a big tax break to the big people, so how about a little break to the little people for pandemic relief? How about more direct payments to unemployed people being evicted in preparation for being starved? How about $1,400 for individuals earning less than $75,000 or households (with children) earning under $150,000?
The idea to ease the pain of the pandemic and stimulate economic recovery was all the rage before the election. Now, some Republicans in the Senate seem to be running the other way.  It’s too much money, they say. 

The test referenced is whether the new team in the White House will fight, even if their projections indicate that they’re going to lose.  Everyone understands what’s at stake.  The people who need the money need it now.  Stop talking.  Biden needs to make politicians hiding in the corners come out into the light. He needs to put them on the hot spot. He needs to make them vote. Sometimes it’s important just to show that you’re up for a fight.

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