After she lost the 2014 Maryland Democratic primary as a candidate for governor, Heather Mizeur, a former state delegate, said she did not intend to run for public office again. But, as a resident of the 1st congressional district, her representative is Republican Andy Harris, and his recent actions have pushed Mizeur to return to the campaign trail.

On Thursday, Mizeur, a 48-year-old liberal who lives on a 34-acre farm on the Eastern Shore, launched a campaign for the 2022 Democratic nomination to challenge Harris for the House seat he has held since January 2011.

The state’s only Republican in Congress, Harris is a Freedom Caucus conservative who wins elections easily in a gerrymandered district that runs from Ocean City to Carroll County. Heavily Republican, it is the only Maryland district that President Donald Trump carried in 2016 and 2020, and Harris even eclipsed Trump’s popularity in November, winning 14,000 more votes than the now-former president did.

If Mizeur manages to get the Democratic nomination, her battle to unseat Harris will be uphill — even if the looming decennial redistricting makes the 1st District more politically balanced and competitive in 2022.

Why is she taking this on?

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2 thoughts on “Citing his ‘unforgivable betrayal,’ Heather Mizeur to challenge Rep. Andy Harris in 2022

  1. Mizeur running, even though against great odds, is a sight for sore eyes. Anything that would bring all of Andy Harris’ blatant disregard for democracy and decency to the forefront is a win, which I am hopeful that Heather Mizeur will be willing to do in her upcoming campaign. While on the subject of bringing important matters to the forefront, I urge everyone to take a look at Congress and to note that just yesterday congressional minority leader, Kevin McCarthy, hopped a plane down to Mar a Lago to pay a visit to disgraced ex-president Trump. Although there wasn’t much coverage on this, this is of importance. Why is the lead representative of the Republicans in the lower house reaching out to this guy? One could think (without any positive proof) that there is still an underbelly trying to perpetuate a silent coup or at the minimum a plan to follow a two time impeached ex- commander and thief instead of a duly elected President of the United States. Citizens take notice and beware that the sedition attempt is not over it is only being pushed to the dark web where most decent Americans do not wander into for good reason.

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  2. Dear Dan,

    If I have written to you before, I don’t remember. However, I read most of your columns and articles and I likewise agree with your perspective in most of them. I am grateful to have someone in Maryland articulating points of view that make sense. Obviously we two are Democrat-leaning, somewhat liberal, patriotic and (we think!) balanced. Thank you for your witness!

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