Congratulations and thanks to Joseph Alascio for capturing these photographs of a meeting of an American bald eagle and red fox in a cornfield in Harford County. The photo you see at the top of this post is not what you might think — a cross-species romance or the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Instead, it might be titled, “Weigh-in for a Prizefight.”

On Sunday morning, with fresh snow on the ground, Mr. Alascio looked out his window to the adjoining farm and saw a fox and bald eagle on the ground near a deer carcass. They apparently had made brunch reservations for the same hour, thus the makings of a conflict.

The fox wanted first dibs on the venison and tried to get the eagle to back off. But, as you can see from the sequence of photos, the eagle would have none of that and won the battle. Defeated, the fox wandered off while the eagle had a meal. We’re pretty certain the fox came back later for dinner.

Mr. Alascio shot these photos from his bedroom window. He used his Nikon D5100 with a Sigma 300mm lens. Good show, Joe.

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