One year ago today, on March 5, 2020, Maryland’s Public Health Laboratory in Baltimore reported the first three positive cases of the novel coronavirus in the state. The infected people were from Montgomery County and had contracted the virus while traveling overseas. “We have been actively preparing for this situation over the last several weeks across all levels of government,” Gov. Hogan said. “I encourage all Marylanders not to panic, but to take this seriously and to stay informed as we continue to provide updates.” The cases grew quickly from thereand by mid-March, Hogan had ordered restaurants and bars, gyms and movie theaters to close. The rest is a sad, strange and breathtakingly tragic story.

How did this change your life? Specifically, do you recall what you were doing, or what you were planning to do, when everything came to a halt?

I do, and I wrote about it in my Friday column in The Baltimore Sun. This link takes you to it.

PHOTO GALLERY: Life interrupted: Baltimore during the coronavirus

2 thoughts on “Where were you, what were you planning to do when the coronavirus arrived?

  1. I was planning to travel to New Orleans with my husband and visit the WWII Museum, so I could take pictures for my 94 year old dad. He and all his brothers served in WWII and all were enrolled on the honor roll at the museum. Dad was the only one left alive from that group. I am heartbroken that he died on September 1, 2021, though not from Covid. I do suspect, however that Covid affected his quality of life in assistive living and factored into his will to live due to the isolation. The only bright spot for me was that since he went into the hospital, I was able to be with him and touch him and kiss him good-bye.Had he died in his assisted living apartment, I wouldn’t have had even that. I will miss him for the rest of my life.

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