I thought the photograph of the Baltimore Bloody Mary, by artist Mark Adams, might get your attention. As I report in my Sunday Sun column, available at baltimoresun.com, Mark got a little carried away with cocktails during the pandemic. The Baltimore Blood Mary, while fun, is hardly representative of just how far Adams went with the cocktail as object d’art. Read the column and you’ll see why he swapped his brush for a camera. The intersection of Mark’s curiosity about mixed drinks, his eye for light, his flair for the whimsical and his skill with a camera form a pretty nice cocktail of images. There is a gallery of photos with today’s column, and plenty more on Mark’s Instagram, artistwithacocktail, and some on his Facebook. Here’s a link to Mark’s website.

Here’s his recipe for the Baltimore Bloody Mary

5.5 ounces spicy V8

2 ounces Vodka

1 teaspoon Worcestershire

Juice of half a lemon

1 teaspoon horseradish or to taste

1 teaspoon Tabasco, (or more)

A dusting of celery salt

1 teaspoon or more of Old Bay seasoning plus more for rimming the glass

Shake ingredients in a shaker and pour over ice in a tall glass. Garnish with spiced beans, olives and crabs if you have them. Cheers Hon!

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