You can call her a right-wing QAnon nut. You can call her election last year to the House of Representatives a tragedy. And even some Republicans might distance themselves from her. But yesterday, with their infantile mask protest in the Capitol, Republicans pretty much fell in line behind the awful Marjorie Taylor Green. They embraced her stunt politics and they put the country even more at risk.

From New York magazine: On Thursday, a group of around 40 Republican House members barged into the oldest Senate in American history to protest against the reinstated mask mandate in their own chamber by forgoing face coverings and taking selfies. According to Texas Representative Ronny Jackson, the goal of the stunt was to show “what it was like on the floor of the Senate versus the floor of the House” following Tuesday night’s order from the attending physician of the Capitol requiring face coverings in the House. “Obviously it’s vastly different,” Jackson, the former physician to the president who drank on the job and allegedly sexually harassed subordinates, told the Hill.

Greene described House Sepaker Nancy Pelosi as “speaker maskhole,” as she revealed that she has now been sent two warning letters for not wearing a face mask in Congress.

This is all being done while the CDC prepares to warn the nation about the Delta variant of the coronavirus that, according to the Washington Post, is “so contagious that it acts almost like a different novel virus, leaping from target to target more swiftly than Ebola or the common cold.”

House Republicans — truly, that party generally and its enablers in the right-wing media — present a clear and present danger to the nation.

3 thoughts on “Republicans fall in line behind Marjorie Taylor Greene

  1. The Constitution says that to be elected to the House of Representatives, one must be 25 years old. I would propose an amendment to add that one must have an IQ of over 85. This would keep MTG and Matt Goetz and a few others out of the chamber, masks or not.

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  2. This brings back the vision of the same shameful clown show in December 2019 when these same clowns stormed the secure, locked in Capitol basement meeting regarding the upcoming impeachment hearings. Ronnie Jackson needs to lose whatever medical license he thinks he has. Just a pill popping drunk also accused of sexual harassment. Great role model. Was Andy Harris in that group? Probably. Another one who has no creditability.

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  3. And that Boebert creature when entering the Chamber had no mask, a staffer attempted to give her one and she threw it back into the staffer’s face. She should be fined for assault.

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