On this anniversary of the Jan. 6 mob attack on the U.S. Capitol, one of the worst days in American history, anyone who calls himself a patriot should vow to never vote for any member of Congress who took part in the effort to subvert the election of Joe Biden as president. For Marylanders, that means Rep. Andy Harris of the First District. If you voted for him in the past, you should not vote for him in the future. He’s running for a seventh term that he once promised not to seek. He does not deserve the vote of anyone who cares about our democracy, truth and the rule of law.

As I wrote the morning after the riot: Harris is deep in the tank for the worst president in history. He “vigorously” supports Donald Trump and his bogus claims of election irregularities and fraud that led to Wednesday’s despicable attack on the U.S. Capitol, a shocking act of sedition. Even after Trump supporters raided the building to disrupt Congress as it started to confirm Biden’s victory, Harris persisted in supporting Trump’s baseless, mob-inciting assertions of a stolen election. He was not among the members who stood up for democracy.

Harris and more than 120 other House Republicans stood up for Trump by challenging electoral votes in a handful of battleground states that Biden won. They did this without proof of fraud or irregularities.

Since then, Harris has twice refused to honor the police officers who defended the Capitol against the pro-Trump rioters who wanted the election overturned. Instead, he joined with the unstable and extreme Marjorie Taylor Greene in proposing that the House award congressional medals to local police officers who “protect American cities from Black Lives Matter (BLM) terrorists.” (Like Trump, Greene and Harris conflated BLM demonstrators with violent antifa groups, and that conflation continues to serve the right’s false what-aboutism regarding the horrible attack on the U.S. Capitol by Trump’s supporters.)

About 140 officers were injured during the Capitol riot and five died in its aftermath. Morale in the Capitol police force has plummeted and so has staffing.

Harris gave a large share of his own campaign funds to other extreme Republicans, including Greene.

Harris is not eccentric or merely strange; he’s dishonest and indecent. Anyone who believes in democracy and a rational approach to governance should not vote for him. That would be a good vow for citizens of Maryland’s First District to make on this somber anniversary.

3 thoughts on “Maryland Rep. Andy Harris was among the Jan. 6 seditionists and refused to honor Capitol cops. He doesn’t deserve a 7th term.

  1. Great commentary. Your typo in the last paragraph (“rationale” instead of what you intended, “rational”) is forgiven since your message is so on target–throw all the traitorous bums out of office.

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