Since it was published in 2019, I’ve received some very gratifying letters about my memoirish book on fly fishing, fatherhood and life. The ones I like best have come from women who said they wanted to learn about fly fishing — what exactly the attraction was — and from men who said they were “never much for book reading,” but liked Father’s Day Creek. Any writer would appreciate letters like those.

Here’s one that just showed up in my email yesterday, and it came with a twist. Thought I’d share it here. The letter is from a fellow named Tim Gibian in Frederick, Maryland.

I am finishing your book, Father’s Day Creek, and wanted to tell you how much I appreciate it. I am a recently retired psychotherapist and a fly angler, so your thoughts and perspective really speak to me. I actually didn’t buy or even search out your book. Last January, around my birthday, I received it in the mail from an anonymous person. The return address was Buckeystown, Maryland, near my home in Frederick, but no name was on the package. To add to the mystery, a note on a plain white piece of paper was enclosed. It read, “IF I COULD READ I’D READ THIS BOOK. SINCE I CAN’T I THOUGHT THAT YOU MIGHT LIKE IT.” The writer used all caps. The signature in green felt ink was not legible. I posted a photo of the book and the note on my Facebook page asking for leads on the note writer/gift giver. No one knew anything. So I have no idea why I lucked into getting your book, but, like the trout I have been fortunate to land, I enjoyed the experience as well as the final result!

2 thoughts on “‘If I could read, I’d read this book.’

  1. It’s possible the sender was vision impaired but still able to type or dictate that note. Hopefully he or she was still able to enjoy the book by some other means.


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