In my Sun column today, 11 people, including the Orioles manager Brandon Hyde, give their reasons for thanksgiving. Here are a couple more Thanksgiving reflections I picked up just after deadline:

Anthony Santander, Orioles outfielder and slugger: “I’m thankful for the excellent season we had as a team. I think that it’s a really good sign where this Orioles team is headed. I’m also thankful because my parents had the opportunity to stay in Baltimore for a full season for the very first time to support me and support the team, which is something to always be thankful for. Ultimately, I want to thank God for all the health and blessings we have.”

Mike Elias, the Orioles general manager: “We’ve got bright years ahead of us in Baltimore, and I am thankful to live here at this moment, full of anticipation.”

Christine Hajek, executive director, Gentle Giants Draft Horse Rescue in Mount Airy, Maryland: “I’m thankful for all the helpers of the world. Long ago my father told me that whenever life feels unbearable and you think you can’t go on, look around and focus on the helpers. No matter how bad things seem, there will always be that group of amazing souls jumping in to help. I’m grateful for all the helpers, and I strive every day to be one of them.”

Dutch Ruppersberger, Maryland congressman: “I’m grateful for my 100-year-old mother, known to many as Pollyanna Peggy, because she is always cheerful and optimistic. She taught me that there is always hope and to believe in the good in other people.”

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