Fully vaccinated, I went — with a friend who is fully vaccinated — to the Orioles’ home opener on Thursday. Here’s my mildly amusing Sunday Sun column on that experience. I assume others there were fully vaccinated, but, of course, I didn’t know that. About 1.3 million people, or about 22% of the state’s 6 million residents, have been fully vaccinated, according to Maryland’s state data, as reported in The Sun.

No one took temperatures at the gates. Most people wore masks on the way to their seats or as they waited in long lines for beer, but many did not after that. Was I uneasy? Yeah, a little bit — for others more than myself. Thousands of Marylanders are getting vaccinated every day but the news is not great.

On Saturday, Maryland topped 1,500 new coronavirus cases again, continuing to push its two-week average of new daily cases in the wrong direction. The Sun today reports 1,584 new cases, after reporting 1,840 on Friday, the most since late January. Over the last two weeks, Maryland has averaged 1,324 new infections daily, the highest 14-day average since mid-February.

There are things to worry about. We are a long way from herd immunity, as my colleague Jean Marbella reports today, and there’s the concern about variants of the coronavirus. As Dr. Robert Gallo stated in my column last Sunday, those of us who have been vaccinated are probably going to need booster shots down the road.

As I said in my column, after being at an Orioles game, it seems like we’re in ‘tween time — between a real feeling of crisis and a feeling that we’re turning a corner. It’s confusing, so caution rules. If you’re out and about, and especially at an Orioles game, please continue to maskulate.

One thought on “Are we there yet? Nope. Continue maskulation.

  1. So, you’ve coined the term “maskulate” to mean the process of placing a mask over one’s mouth and nose. If a person takes his mask off, would he be said to have “emaskulated” himself?

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